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Sometimes the cause of a Florida car accident is obvious: a drunk driver, poor weather conditions, or someone running a stop sign slammed into your vehicle. In other cases, however, the cause of your car accident could be less obvious, it could have been caused by a defective tire, tread separation, or tire blowout. In some cases, the manufacturer of the tires in question could be responsible for the damages incurred, including medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

What Is A Defective Tire?

Defective tires can come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually result in tire failure such as blow outs or tread separation. There are many reasons for a tire blow out, such as -

  • Poor tire construction
  • Manufacturing defects in the tire itself
  • De-beading
  • Tire shredding
  • De-treading
  • and even adhesion failures.

The consequences of these blow outs can be life threatening to you and your family. Especially if a vehicle is traveling at high speeds (as on an interstate) or if a vehicle is top-heavy (like an SUV), a tire blowout can cause the driver to lose control of the car resulting in rollover accidents, collisions or worse.

Unfortunately, tire defects, manufacturing mistakes, and tire design flaws have been all too common in recent years. The largest tire companies in the country have recalled millions of tires in the past ten years, including Firestone, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Uniroyal, Michelin, and Cooper. Sadly, though, many of these recalls only took place after car accidents occurred - leading to a number of preventable car accident injuries and deaths.

How Do You Prove a Defect in Your Tires Caused Your Accident?

It isn't easy proving a tire caused your accident if you don't have the experience or knowledge. First thing you want to do is call an attorney who has had the experience and knows how to prove your case. As Florida Tire Defect Lawyers, Chalik & Chalik have been helping their clients who have been victim of tire failures prove their cases and get the compensation they deserve to recover from their injuries.

Tire manufacturers aren't perfect and some things go overlooked or corners are cut to meet their budgets. These financial cuts can make the difference to your safety on the road. Not only do tire failures cause accidents for one car, they can cause multiple accidents as a result of one tire blowout. The lawyers handling these defective tire cases know what to look for at the scene of an accident and how to read a police report showing who or what caused the crash.

Crucial to any defective product claim is being able to provide testimony from industry experts. These experts are not easy to find, which is why hiring someone experienced in this field is crucial. They have a network of experts to help prove your case. We can guarantee that if you are going to be fighting tire manufacturer's for their responsibility in your car accident, you are going to want knowledgeable and experienced lawyers on your side. You can bet they will have one or many on their side to prevent having to pay out.

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If you or a loved one have been harmed in a Florida car accident that you believe may have been caused by a defective tire call for a free consultation with an experienced Florida defective tire attorney today. If you aren't close to any of our office locations, no worries. We will come to your home, the scene of the accident or even the hospital. We are on your side!

Types of Tire Defects

Defective tires can come about in a number of ways and lead to a number of problems:
If you believe that your tires were defective and caused you to be in an accident, please give us a call. We can analyze your accident, review the evidence and determine if a faulty tire is to blame for the accident in which you were involved.

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